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National Cash Register with coins

National Cash Register

This is a Victorian  till used from around 1875 until the 1950's. Maybe even later in small local shops

It comes in a metalic grey colour

The model shows 2 price tags, showing how much the previous cuntomer spent

The is an opening cash drawer and coins may be purchased to populate the till. The drawer is compartmented for this purpose

Each pack of coins has both silver and 'copper' coins and if you look at them under a magnifying glass you will see the heads of the Kings and Queen

This item is 1 /12th scale

Measures 4.5 cm High x 4 cm wide x 3.5 cm deep. Yes this does seem quite large but when you see the original in the flesh, it is large. See it at The Beamish Open Air Museum

I also sell a 1/24th scale till




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